Your Key to Understanding the Specialty Coffee Industry

With more than 25 years of experience behind us and uncountable cups of coffee before us, Bellissimo Coffee Advisors know coffee—and the coffee industry. More importantly, we know how to share our knowledge, experience and solutions to best help you create, build and grow your specialty coffee business. 


Here at Bellissimo, we understand that learning doesn’t just happen with words; thus, we offer integral hands-on education and experience in all elements of the specialty coffee industry at Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, our world renowned coffee and barista training facility.

We’re at our best when we’re helping you become your best. 


Bellissimo Coffee Advisors is the premier professional advisory group in the world for coffee business entrepreneurs who want to start up and operate a specialty coffee business. At Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, we work hard to ensure that our entrepreneurial clients walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the retail coffee industry.



If there’s one thing that can be said about Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, it’s that we know our coffee. We know how to make it, how to sell it and, of course, how to drink it. And with more than 18 years of experience as the industry leader in coffee education and consulting, we have a breadth of experience and knowledge unparalleled in the specialty coffee industry.

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors is the only specialty coffee advising company that provides you with everything you need to brew a successful business. Taking a team approach, we draw on the experience of a diverse group of talented specialty coffee-industry professionals to guide you every step of the way, from planting the seed of the idea to optimizing growth to harvesting the fruits of your labor. 

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors & our Workshops are not a career school or vocational school as defined by the Oregon State Department of Education.