Our Clients

  • "I came here green as green can be. What I mean by that is I had little to no knowledge of coffee and the industry and yet my wife and I are planning on opening a coffee shop. I walked away feeling confident in all that I learned and ready to open our coffee bar. They opened my eyes to everything coffee; from roasting, brewing, the art of espresso making, and more importantly the business side of things. If we are not successful it isn't because of ABCS. But I truly believe that now after taking the ABCS course on roasting, barista, and business our chances of being a successful specialty coffee shop have gone up 100%! I cant say enough about the instructors, the facility, and the content! TOP NOTCH!!! Thanks so much ABCS! We love and appreciate you all!!!"

    - Danny T. | | Indianapolis, Indiana

  • "I give high praise to educational benefits of attending the program offered at American Barista and Coffee School. The classes are well organized, packed with extremely helpful information, and the classes are taught by highly qualified, enthusiastic professionals. One has the opportunity to learn an incredible amount about all aspects of the coffee business and the hands-on training with a wide variety of equipment with patient, qualified instructors leaves one with an appreciation and focus that is truly wonderful. I left feeling that the time and money were well spent and that I had a resource to tap into for further assistance as I proceed into the entrepreneurial world of Coffee." 

    - Mary F. | | Portland, Oregon

  • "Wow! Honestly, I came into this experience a little nervous. Opening a coffee shop is not something I expected to do a year ago. I was taught that jumping into a trade without knowing and understanding it is the first step to failure. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from ABCS, and from its instructors. ABCS has me given a tool box with an abundance of tools that I am excited to roll out and use."

    - Steven S. | | El Paso, TX

  • "ABCS is professionally run, but still has that casual environment that makes learning easier and more fun. I have a new appreciation of how much goes into making a single great cup of coffee. The instructors have swaths of knowledge and genuine love of what they are doing."

    - Rod W. | | Portland, OR

  • "The class/workshop gave me an industry perspective from knowledgable instructors with years of experience.  I found the course to be very helpful in my planning and I am confident it saved me tens of thousands of dollars of potential mistakes due to my lack of experience."

    - Stephen S. | | Naples, Florida

  • "We traveled all the way from Cape Town, South Africa to Portland, Oregon to attend their course after discovering them on the Internet. The ABC course ranks as one of the best value for money courses I have yet attended. I was extremely impressed by the passion and breadth and depth of knowledge these guys have of their subject. You will take years and spend a lot more on “school fees” than taking some time out and making a small investment in your knowledge by standing on the shoulders of these “giants” and their decades of hands on experience."

    - Phil & Joshua G. | | Constantia, South Africa

  • "I had so much fun attending the five day barista class + one day intro to roasting. All of the instructors were so enthusiastic about sharing their extensive knowledge and passion for everything coffee. returned home from (ABCS) with a love for the specialty coffee business and feeling confident in opening our new coffee bar. Thank you everyone at Water Ave for being such an inspiration!!"

    - Kelly D. | | Ojai, California

  • "Absolutely fantastic investment!  This was the best choice I have made in regards to the business.  I'm walking away with the confidence and competency I was hoping to have.  The ROI is through the roof."

    - Rich L. | | Hudson, NH

  • "Absolutely a great experience. I didn't really know what to expect from the class, I was nervous in the beginning because I thought it would be too intensive for me. I didn't know much about coffee, except that I love to visit coffee shops and would someday open one of my own in the future. I met amazing people and the instructors were great! They were very supportive and friendly and in each class I felt productive. By the end of the class I had so many ideas. I'd built my confidence in great coffee-making and have new appreciation for the values its based upon."

    - Maria E. | | Okinawa, Japan

Mr. Coffee

We discovered ABCS on-line while researching experts in the art of espresso creation. Jared, Matt and Bruce were fantastic in creating a customized educational program that allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of consumer consumption patterns and the science behind the art of espresso. Jared and Matt have extensive backgrounds in espresso and delivered targeted and specific training that blended the practical art of espresso with the consumer consumption trends. The ABCS staff, combined with the professional training center and their contacts within the coffee industry enables the school to provide a detailed, quality training program at an efficient cost. Thanks to Bruce and his staff, ABCS will be a major part of our product training.

Mike Fretwell | Manager Group Marketing Mr. Coffee/Jarden Consumer Solutions


The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company had a very positive experience with the America Barista and Coffee School (ABCS). We invited two of their instructors to attend a national sales meeting to train our foodservice sales force. They were very well prepared and brought invaluable expertise to the team. We now feel that we are better equipped to work within the field of specialty coffee to meet the needs of our customers. I would definitely recommend ABCS to any individual or group hoping to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the specialty coffee industry.

Chris Eklem | Director of Sales and Marketing, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company


I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful the ABCS training class was that I attended. I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and most importantly, learning from you. You guys are great!

I came back with so much more than the skill to make a good espresso (and latte art, too, of course!). In all seriousness, I loved interacting with everyone in class and learning about their individual situations. I also loved learning about the coffee industry in general. So much of what I learned I can apply to my job! (Not to mention to my real espresso experience!) If you ever need any recommendations or testimonials, let me know — I have already started spreading the word! I look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, take care and once again, thank you!

Silvia Cheskes | Director of Marketing, Torani Syrups


Attending ABCS is really a great way to learn about coffee using all of your senses. The class taught me how much more I could expect from a coffee beverage and to not settle for “just coffee.” ABC’s shares with its students a world of knowledge and the experience is priceless. The hands-on training is fantastic. I had an amazing time and really learned so much. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know. I think the class is just superb and I have been recommending it to a lot of people, telling them it is crucial they attend.

Thank you for enlightening me and enhancing my love of coffee. 

Heather Haugh | VP International Sales, Cappuccine


As a manufacturer's representative, I was relatively inexperienced at creating coffee drinks. I had no confidence to step up to the espresso machine and show a customer the benefits of making a mocha using our products. Now, I have complete knowledge and the confidence to discuss and demonstrate all aspects of drink creation and business applications using our products in their cafes. It is very evident that Matt and Bruce have very deep ties within the coffee industry. Their expertise and passion showed through in all aspects of the training I received. I will recommend this course to all the coffee industry people I contact.

Brian Beardsley | FS/SI Western Region Manager, Ghiradelli Chocolate

Client List

Corporate Clients

  • Cimbali
  • Hyatt
  • GEEC | Astoria
  • Mr. Coffee
  • Whole Foods
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Victoria Arduino

Equipment + Small wares clients

  • Big Tray
  • Bodum
  • Espresso Parts
  • Ronda (Italy — Knock Boxes)
  • Toddy
  • Visions Espresso Service

Blender powders, smoothies, + mixes clients

  • Big Train
  • Caffe D'Amore
  • Cappuccine
  • Dr. Smoothie
  • Gosh that's Good
  • Jet Tea
  • Sweetbird
  • Mocafe
  • Torani

blender clients

  • Bunn
  • Vita-Mix

coffee roaster clients

  • Batdorf & Bronson
  • Caffe D'Arte
  • Caffe Umbria
  • Coffee Lab Roasters
  • Counter Culture Coffee
  • Ecco Caffe
  • Heritage Coffee
  • Intelligentsia Coffee + Tea
  • Oughtred Coffee & Tea
  • PT's Coffee
  • Royal Cup Coffee
  • Swiss Water Decaf
  • Verve Coffee Roasters

gourmet syrup + chocolate clients

  • DaVinci Gourmet
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate
  • Guittard Chocolate Co.
  • Monin Gourmet Flavorings
  • Routin 1883 Gourmet Flavorings