Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

  • "Build the workshop into your opening budget and just do it.  The money you spend on this will end up in your pocket if you take the trainers' advice and open your business."

    - Jim C. | | Irvine, CA

  • "Wow! The workshop I took at Bellissimo blew my mind. When I arrived, I didn't know what to expect. I was already a coffee lover, but as the workshop went on, I fell more deeply in love. I learned the importance of technique and that every drink I make must be perfect. Bellissimo demands excellence from its attendees and stresses the all important saying, "Success is in the details."

    - Branden M. | | Milton PA

  • "The workshop gave me an industry perspective from knowledgable trainers with years of experience.  I found the workshop to be very helpful in my planning and I am confident it saved me tens of thousands of dollars of potential mistakes due to my lack of experience."

    - Stephen S. | | Naples, Florida

  • "Flying in all the way from Pakistan was a big decision, and I couldn't have decided better.  This workshop offered me incredible information that I would not have had access to elsewhere."

    - Mohammad S. | | Islamabad, Pakistan

  • "Wow! Who knew there was so much to know about coffee? Coming in as a green bean, not really knowing much about coffee, I was blown away by the vastness that is the coffee industry. I learned so much. I now consider myself a light-medium roast bean, and I look forward to continuing my education on coffee and becoming…a French roast!"

    - Petra B. | | Inglewood, CA

  • "I learned a lot on how to open a coffee business, both business side and the practical side.  I encourage everyone who's opening a shop to go here!  The trainers are very helpful and they make sure what you're doing is right."

    - John A. | | Thornhill, Ontario

  • This workshop has been a great eye opener, it is a must if you want to go into the coffee business knowing what to do and what to expect! Great information and wondeful hands-on training! Great trainers, very knowledgeable and with a lot of expertise and coffee backgrounds! Loves this experience, learned a lot and enjoyed all the great company from all over the world that came to take this workshop!

    - Evelyn G. | | Fresno, California

  • "The workshop I attended was amazing. For someone who knows little about coffee and the coffee business, Bellissimo, in a short amount of time, gives you all the tools and knowledge of the more. If you also want to see the heart of Portland, Oregon, I recommend this workshop as well."

    - Chad B. | | Virginia Beach, VA

  • "Wow! Honestly, I came into this experience a little nervous. Opening a coffee shop is not something I expected to do a year ago. I was taught that jumping into a trade without knowing and understanding it is the first step to failure. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, and from its trainers. Bellissimo has me given a tool box with an abundance of tools that I am excited to roll out and use."

    - Steven S. | | El Paso, TX

Corporate Consulting Services

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Board of Directors

Bellissimo staff are qualified to sit on your Board of Advisors.

Brand Identity

Build a strong brand recognition for your company.

Brochure Development

Write and design an eye-catching promotional brochure detailing your company's products and services that will get you results. 

Business Plan Analysis + Critique

Review of your business plan and offer ways to improve it. 

Cafe Design + Planning

Create a custom store design for your selected location and concept.

Corporate Consulting Services

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Executive Strategy Sessions

Meet with your company's executive and planning committees to develop new strategies or refine old ones.

Funding Advising

Participate in funding meetings with venture capital firms and angel investors. Give you credibility with potential investors and bring specialty coffee professionals to the table to assist in closing deals.


Develop and help your company implement strategic marketing and promotional plans and programs that will brand your company and product.


Market your product through sales promotion and advertising.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Monitor trends within the U.S. specialty coffee industry and offer new suggestions as well as modifications to existing promotional programs.

Corporate Series Classes

The American Barista & Coffee School: Corporate Series (ABCS/CS) is an intense, collaborative, and professional education training series designed to help business leaders solve the complex challenges that arise in the specialty coffee industry.

Knowing that each and every coffee business is unique, the ABCS/CS takes an individual approach to help clients solve problems specific to their business and customers.  We promise to never try and mold you into a “cookie cutter” training series. Instead, we work to create a top-notch experience that will exceed the expectations of both you and your customers, and will deliver the highest return on your investment.

On-Site Workshops

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We can come on-site for full staff trainings, as well as coporate retreats that are customized to your or your clients' needs. 

Full Staff or Client Training

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We can travel to the location of your choice, or you can come to our Portland headquarters and address issues that are important to your company, including employee training, management techniques, marketing, operations, budgeting, cost controls and customer service.