The American Barista & Coffee School

  • "The workshop I took at ABCS was absolutely phenomenal, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get the best start in the coffee industry. I know my staff and I will use the information contained in this workshop daily. Bruce, Matt, Tom Joey and Danielle all do an outstanding job!"

    - Mark W. | | Pensacola, FL

  • "As an existing business owner this course gave me specific places to improve my business.  I feel that I now have the skills and foundation to serve high quality coffee in my shop, as well as train my employees to be able to maximize our customer satisfaction."

    - Maggie D. | | Ft Collins, CO

  • "What really impressed me about the school was the razor sharp focus on the things you need to know to start and run a successful coffee business. This focus came from seasoned professionals who had tried everything and learned through trial and error what works. You have their undivided attention for a full week. On the practical side you learn that there is only one way to prepare a specialty coffee drink  - it has to be perfect or you don't serve it to the customer.  They show you how and you practice until you get it right.  In short, the course is invaluable."

    - Clifford W. | | Atlantic, New York

  • Must applaud the individuals who have placed much emphasis and dedication into research, developing and implementing the teaching module which makes this class a success, namely Bruce, Matt, Jen, Mike and Zach love you guys. I would recommend this class to any aspiring baista and know that coffee will never be the same again.

    - Rena S. | | Trinidad

  • "Wow! Who knew there was so much to know about coffee? Coming in as a green bean, not really knowing much about coffee, I was blown away by the vastness that is the coffee industry. I learned so much. I now consider myself a light-medium roast bean, and I look forward to continuing my education on coffee and becoming…a French roast! ABCS gives you a vast amount of information, imparted by highly skilled instructors, accompanied by a sense of professionalism and completeness."

    - Petra B. | | Inglewood, CA

  • "The 5-day business start up class exceeded my expectations in every way. I came to class wanting to round out my knowledge of coffee and general business practices, and I left with a greater passion for the industry and the confidence to turn a business concept into a reality.  While the materials were exceptional, what made the instructors so effective was their ability and willingness to discuss their more than 50 years combined experience in restaurant/coffee shop start up and management, as well as extensive travels abroad."

    - Keira M. | | Fort Worth, Texas

  • "I had so much fun attending the five day barista class + one day intro to roasting. All of the instructors were so enthusiastic about sharing their extensive knowledge and passion for everything coffee. returned home from (ABCS) with a love for the specialty coffee business and feeling confident in opening our new coffee bar. Thank you everyone at Water Ave for being such an inspiration!!"

    - Kelly D. | | Ojai, California

  • "I feel blessed to have found Bean Business Basics before finding ABCS.  Reading through most of the book I feel allowed me to absorb more during class.  Hands on training is priceless! I'm so looking forward to opening our store!  I would have felt lost without the school.  Thank you for doing what you all do with the passion and care that you do!  Thank you for the warm welcome into the specialty coffee family!"

    - Carmen H. | | San Antonio, Texas

  • "Absolutely fantastic investment!  This was the best choice I have made in regards to the business.  I'm walking away with the confidence and competency I was hoping to have.  The ROI is through the roof."

    - Rich L. | | Hudson, NH

Corporate Consulting Services

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Board of Directors

Bellissimo staff are qualified to sit on your Board of Advisors.

Brand Identity

Build a strong brand recognition for your company.

Brochure Development

Write and design an eye-catching promotional brochure detailing your company's products and services that will get you results. 

Business Plan Analysis + Critique

Review of your business plan and offer ways to improve it. 

Cafe Design + Planning

Create a custom store design for your selected location and concept.

Corporate Consulting Services

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Executive Strategy Sessions

Meet with your company's executive and planning committees to develop new strategies or refine old ones.

Funding Advising

Participate in funding meetings with venture capital firms and angel investors. Give you credibility with potential investors and bring specialty coffee professionals to the table to assist in closing deals.


Develop and help your company implement strategic marketing and promotional plans and programs that will brand your company and product.


Market your product through sales promotion and advertising.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Monitor trends within the U.S. specialty coffee industry and offer new suggestions as well as modifications to existing promotional programs.

Corporate Series Classes

The American Barista & Coffee School: Corporate Series (ABCS/CS) is an intense, collaborative, and professional education training series designed to help business leaders solve the complex challenges that arise in the specialty coffee industry.

Knowing that each and every coffee business is unique, the ABCS/CS takes an individual approach to help clients solve problems specific to their business and customers.  We promise to never try and mold you into a “cookie cutter” training series. Instead, we work to create a top-notch experience that will exceed the expectations of both you and your customers, and will deliver the highest return on your investment.

On-Site Workshops

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We can come on-site for full staff trainings, as well as coporate retreats that are customized to your or your clients' needs. 

Full Staff or Client Training

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We can travel to the location of your choice, or you can come to our Portland headquarters and address issues that are important to your company, including employee training, management techniques, marketing, operations, budgeting, cost controls and customer service.