Existing Business Consulting Services

Is your specialty coffee business feeling a little stale? Does it need a perk-me-up? Bellissimo Coffee Advisors can help. Our existing business consulting team offers everything you need to optimize your existing operation and get it running smoothly.

As part of your customized consulting package, we can review your financials, marketing, sales efforts and menu, then provide a thorough evaluation of how to improve your business. Our team of coffee experts is always available to provide additional support in the areas where you have the greatest need. Want someone on-site? We’re there. Need help training your current and future employees? We can do that. Looking for a roadmap to long-term profitability? We can point you in the right direction.

From beverage cost and labor management to sales analysis and inventory management, our experts will offer guidance and direction to fine-tune your specialty coffee business.  

Don’t let your business falter when it needs you the most. Let our experts clear your path to coffee success.  

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On-Site Barista Training

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Are you looking to increase the skills or your baristas and management team?  Our expert trainers can come to you for two to five days and work with your staff on the technical skills needed to produce high-quality espresso beverages.

Please call 800.655.3955 and get a quote from one of our experts.

On-Site Store Evaluation and Optimization

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This is the perfect service for when you need to review your business and format a plan for increased profitability and productivity.  We will customize our service to fit your concerns, which may be some of the following: menu, pricing, monthly sales, profit and loss statements, labor and employee scheduling, inventory, purchases and ordering systems, rent factor, hard expenses, and the overall state of the store.  Marketing strategies, promotions, and sales growth will be a focus.

Please call 800.655.3955 and get a quote from one of our experts.

In House Custom Training

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If you'd like to come to our training lab in Portland, Oregon to help your team bring their coffee skills to the next level, we're here for that.  Our trainers can work with small or large groups for one to three days.  From the beginner to the seasoned veteran barista, we can format a training to fit your specialty coffee business needs.  Our goal is for each of your baristas to walk away with the skills to run your coffee bar with the best quality and the knowledge to back it up.

Please call 800.655.3955 and get a quote from one of our experts.

Success Stories

Your business, your success, your story. 

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors has helped both corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs around the world plan, build and grow amazing specialty coffee businesses.

Here are some of our favorite stories:

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