New Business Consulting Services

Opening a new specialty coffee business? Our team of talented professionals can help you achieve your coffee dream, from concept to opening day and beyond.

We believe that when it comes to building your coffee business, one size does not fit all. This is why we offer the widest range of services in business plan writing, menu and beverage development, equipment selection, marketing strategy, barista training and coffee roasting. From location selection to analysis of competition to on-site strategic planning and training, we can build custom packages to suit your budget and business needs.

As always with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, education is just the beginning. With us, you're not just getting our knowledge, you're getting our people—expert consultants with years of experience who will listen to your needs and work closely with you and your staff every step of the way.

We exclusively offer our consulting services to graduates of ABCS, as we believe this is an important first step in your coffee business. We absolutely want to help you on your journey in opening a successful retail coffee business, so give us a call today @ 800-655-3955.

The American Barista & Coffee School (ABCS)

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ABCS is Bellissimo's flagship program for the new coffee business entrepreneur. ABCS workshops are designed to give you or your staff the information and training needed to succeed in today's highly competitive retail specialty coffee market. Workshop sessions include lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on practice. Our small workshop sizes ensure a personalized experience led by coffee business professionals who have owned and operated successful retail coffee operations.

On-Site Store Opening & Training

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Reduce the anxiety related to opening your new specialty coffee business with help from an expert consultant. We will help you tie up all the loose ends prior to opening, and then assist you through your opening day. We will train your staff how to prepare award-winning beverages. We will also help you formulate a game plan for your first months of business to ensure you get started properly. We will help with strategic marketing concepts, and the set up of operation systems that will save you hundreds of dollars over time. 

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On-Site Barista Training

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Your reputation depends on consistent quality. A highly trained staff producing superior drinks is critical to the overall success of your coffee business, and will set you apart from your competition. A properly trained barista will lead to increased customer satisfaction, increased sales and ultimately save you money. Our expert trainers will come to your shop to teach the technical skills necessary to make perfect coffee and espresso beverages. On-Site training can vary from two to five days. 

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On-Site Store Evaluation and Optimization

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Customized review of menu and pricing, monthly sales, profit and loss statements, labor and employee scheduling, inventory, purchases and ordering systems for consumable products, rent factor, hard expenses and an overall evaluation of store. Marketing strategies, promotions, and sales growth will be a focus. 

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1 Day Hands-On Training

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This service is for one day of hands-on training in Portland, OR at our facilities. The day will begin at 8:30am and end at 5pm. The price is for a group of 1 or 2 people. Additional costs for groups over 2.

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2.5 Day In House Custom Training

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We are happy to offer a customized class for you and your staff. This class includes two and one-half days in our training lab in Portland, OR. We can customize the curriculum to fit your needs and skill levels through our discussions prior to class. This is designed for up to 4 students, more may require an additional small upcharge. 

Our unique "Train the Trainer" approach is a  perfect blend of real world scenarios, drink drills, and detail oriented instruction that will both prepare you to successfully run a quality coffee bar and teach others in your organization to do the same.

Example Topics of Training:

  • equipment maintenance and operation 
  • menu development
  • espresso extraction
  • milk steaming
  • latte art
  • work flow
  • speed
  • efficiency and organization 

Our goal is that each student walk away confident and equipped  to run their coffee bar with knowledge and excellence.  

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  • "This course was very beneficial and confidence building.  The instructors have given me an edge to make coffee in my home town as great as it can possibly be.  Coffee family is some of the best family one could ask for.  The instructors are passionate and very good at passing that passion down to the students."

    - Joey R. | | St. Augustine, Florida

  • "Wow! The workshop I took at ABCS blew my mind. When I arrived, I didn't know what to expect. I was already a coffee lover, but as the workshop went on, I fell more deeply in love. I learned the importance of technique and that every drink I make must be perfect. ABCS demands excellence from its attendees and stresses the all important saying, "Success is in the details."

    - Branden M. | | Milton PA

  • "Attending ABCS was a whole new experience for me. I had no idea there was so much to learn about coffee. By the end of the week I truly felt I could go back and speak intelligently to my coffee partners and be instrumental in training and helping my employees."

    - Beverly J. | | Portland, OR

  • "My wife and I drove up from outside New Orleans to attend this class!  I am very glad we did!  I would have lost so much money in bad business decisions that Matt and Tom made me aware of!!  It is definitely worth the money!"

    - David B. | | Alexandria, Louisiana

  • "I learned a lot on how to open a coffee business, both business side and the practical side.  I encourage everyone who's opening a shop to go here!  The instructors are very helpful and they make sure what you're doing is right."

    - John A. | | Thornhill, Ontario

  • "Amazing course!  Learned a great deal about the specialty coffee industry.   Now have a great foundation to make quality drinks and offer a great coffee experience to our customers.  Instructors were knowledgable and awesome teachers.  The business knowledge I learned about opening and operating a coffee shop is so valuable.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone opening a coffee shop."

    - Bill D. | | Huntersville, NC

  • "The 5-day business start up class exceeded my expectations in every way. I came to class wanting to round out my knowledge of coffee and general business practices, and I left with a greater passion for the industry and the confidence to turn a business concept into a reality.  While the materials were exceptional, what made the instructors so effective was their ability and willingness to discuss their more than 50 years combined experience in restaurant/coffee shop start up and management, as well as extensive travels abroad."

    - Keira M. | | Fort Worth, Texas

  • "ABCS is professionally run, but still has that casual environment that makes learning easier and more fun. I have a new appreciation of how much goes into making a single great cup of coffee. The instructors have swaths of knowledge and genuine love of what they are doing."

    - Rod W. | | Portland, OR

  • "Absolutely fantastic investment!  This was the best choice I have made in regards to the business.  I'm walking away with the confidence and competency I was hoping to have.  The ROI is through the roof."

    - Rich L. | | Hudson, NH