The AMerican Barista & Coffee SChool Facility

A state-of-the-art espresso lab with a wide variety of equipment and products from the most highly respected companies in the specialty coffee industry. Also next door to Water Avenue Coffee, a micro-roaster and retail coffee bar.

Our Facility

ABCS is near downtown Portland’s picturesque waterfront. Here our entrepreneurial clients gain the skills needed to prepare not just espresso-based drinks, but a complete coffeehouse menu, including blender drinks, smoothies, granita and light food items such as panini.

ABCS features 8 different espresso machines, in addition to multiple coffee brewing methods. Our clients work with coffee from a list of award winning coffee roasters across the U.S. and are exposed to a wide range of associated products. ABCS is not connected to a specific brand of coffee-related product, equipment or coffee, so the information and training you receive from us will be unbiased and in your best interest.

Classroom Features & Benefits

The American Barista & Coffee School boasts the largest and most fully-equipped specialty coffee training center in the United States. Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, consistently ranked one of the top cities for coffee culture in the U.S., the ABCS facility is located near Portland’s picturesque waterfront, and is a walk, bike, or MAX train ride away from all of the city’s major attractions.

Our 2,300 square foot state-of-the-art espresso lab is second-to-none. The lab features 8 different espresso machines, multiple coffee brewing systems, roasting equipment, and an on-side coffee bar and microroaster—allowing students real-life exposure to the industry’s top-rated products, and the ability to strategically plan their own coffee house or concept.

But it doesn’t end with coffee beverages. Our lab offers training in developing a full coffeehouse menu, including blender drinks, smoothies, granita, and light food items such as paninis. 

The ABCS prides itself in offering a non-biased education to its clients. The ABCS is not connected with any specific brand of coffee-related product; we expose you to a wide range of products, equipment, and coffee beans, from large-scale to small—letting you make choices for your own business concept.