Espresso 101


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Espresso 101 is the award-winning professional video training tool for you and your employees.

This video will cut the normal 20-hour training cycle down to three or four hours. It pays for itself with the first employee trained. Each package includes a study guide, multiple-choice test with answer key and a barista diploma.

This informative video covers:

  • A Brief History of Coffee
  • Coffee Bean Roasting and Blending
  • Espresso Equipment
  • Extracting Perfect Espresso
  • The Art of Steaming and Foaming Milk
  • How to Prepare Espresso Bar Drinks
  • Fundamentals of Brewed Coffee Preparation
  • Cleaning, Safety and Maintenance



An excellent training resource designed to provide solid background information on coffee as well as practical demonstrations on correct preparation of espresso-based beverages. This entertaining video should become part of the training program for every new barista entering the coffee industry. 
Ted Lingle | Former Executive Director | Specialty Coffee Association of America 

The tape is fantastic! So full of information, like reading 10 books on coffee and espresso. 
Mauro Cipolla | Former President | Caffe D'arte